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When the storms come, they almost always wreck some damages to a house. If you walk around your house, you will be able to notice the damages that the storm has done. The roof and siding are among some of the areas of the houses that will show noticeable damages after the storm. It is important that these damages are addressed quickly if you want to reduce the cost of repair.


1. Missing Roof Shingles

After a storm, some of the shingles on your roof will be missing. Rainwater will be able to enter the roof and cause flooding in the attic. You’ll have to install a tarp over it until you can perform the actual repair. Usually, the entire strip of the roof which spans 3-foot x 1 foot will need to be replaced. You can use a putty knife to remove the damaged tab and then slide in a new shingle tab in its proper place. The new shingle tab will have to be secured with roofing nails.

2. Your House is Flooded
Your house is likely to be flooded with standing water from the storm. Usually, standing water is the first thing you need to deal with after a storm. Most people will file a claim with their insurance company to cover the cost of hiring a plumber to extract the floodwater from their home. If the plumber extracts the water, it will take only half a day. They have professional equipment to pump out the water and dry the house. You can also remove the flood water yourself by renting a pump from the local hardware store.

3. Damages on the Windows, Doors, and Walls
The windows, doors, and walls will bear some damages. The damages can be mild to serious depending on how well you protect your home before the storm hits. You can take a walk around your home and see if a tree has crashed onto your window and broken it. The window may have some scratches or dents or cracks after being exposed to the strong wind. Some of the siding or wall structures may have been torn apart by the wind. You’ll have to contact a trusted restoration contractor to replace the door, window, and siding.

4. Damaged Plumbing System
It is likely that your pipes are cracked or bent or damaged in other ways after the storm. Leaking will occur when you open the tap so you need to fix the pipe. There is no way to detect the broken pipe by taking a walk and performing a casual inspection. You have to hire a plumber to check for the plumbing damage in your home. The plumber is equipped with various tools to check the pipe.

5. Downed Power Line
It is common for the power lines to be downed when there is a storm. If your power line is downed, you can use a generator to substitute the electricity temporarily. This will prevent your pipe from getting frozen during the winter. You can winterize your pipe if they are showing signs of freezing. You can contact the utility company to send some crew over to restore the power line.

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